Extra Utilities Tutorial: Generators

Extra utilities adds some great little generators into the game that can be used very early on, and very late in the game. Producing anywhere from five to over forty thousand redstone flux(/t) these just might be the power source of the future. The following generator types are covered in this video: Survivalist’s Generator Pink … Continue reading »

Official TMC Forums added

Official TMC Forums added

Official TMC Forums Released! In continuance our time-honored tradition of Turning Up the Awesome, we officially announce the release of the official TMC (TheMindCrafters) Forums!

QuarryPlus – Upgrade your Quarry!

This mod will allow you to upgrade your Buildcraft quarries into monstrous, blazing fast mining machines that can even harvest the liquids they come in contact with! We’ll also cover various other blocks including the following: LaserPlus MiningWellPlus PumpPlus RefineryPlus BreakerPlus PlacerPlus Enchantmover MarkerPlus LiquidSelector ListEditor

IceHenge version 1.6 RELEASED!

TheMindCrafters very own public modpack -IceHenge- has been updated to version 1.6 with a lot of different big fixes and mod updates. Please remember that if you do update the pack, it will NOT be compatible with your 1.5 world! Also some mods have been disabled by default, free feel leave them off or turn … Continue reading »