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UPDATE: DEC-29-2013 – Install video for Mac is out! Check it here: http://youtu.be/87R5l3HUbvU

UPDATE: JUN-19-2013 – Textures updated for Tekkit Lite 0.6.5!!!! Sexify Applied Energistics and more – use the same download link in the tutorial below!

UPDATE: JUN-19-2013 – Just a note for our MAC users – there are lengthy explanations of how to do this procedure on a MAC in the comments below but PLEASE let us know if you’d like to see this done in VIDEO format! SEE THE VIDEO HERE: http://youtu.be/87R5l3HUbvU

For those who are on a Mac (totally awesome) but don’t have a proper zip file tool (totally common), or for those who aren’t sure how, I have spliced together the Sphax PureBDCraft and Tekkit Lite (SMP) files into one glorious download for youSimply download, drop into your texturepacks folder, load it up and you’re ready to go.

EDIT: Guys, for now you have to download the two files (linked here) and merge them together manually. Sphax doesn’t allow for third-party compilations of his un-modified source textures (totally understandable!) so I have updated the links for you and provided some steps for how to create the combined ZIP file. I know this method isn’t as fun and easy but for now it’s all that’s available. I’m working on a better solution (PM us if you code Java… Ingrimmm’s a little rusty)! Thanks to @crumbl3d for the note!

Looking to do this in Tekkit Classic? Check out our tutorial here.


Here’s a quick video that goes through all the steps in this Tutorial (see below) – check it out if you get stuck!

Creating a Sphax PureBDcraft with Tekkit Lite SMP texturepack

Follow the steps below to create your own fully-patched of the Sphax PureBDcraft texture pack with crumbl3d’s Tekkit Lite SMP texture patch! The basic idea is this, you need to take the two files and merge them into one so Minecraft knows how to load everything.

  1. Download the Sphax PureBDcraft base texturepack file
    1. Choose 128x, 64x, 32x, 16x (those are the only resolutions supported by the Tekkit Lite SMP texturepack)

      Sphax PureBDcraft download page
      Download one of these PureBDcraft files
    2. Choose the version for Minecraft 1.4.6/7 (that’s the current MC version with Tekkit Lite)
    3. Download the File as a ZIP file
    4. URL: http://bdcraft.net/download-purebdcraft-texturepack-for-minecraft
  2. Download the Patch files for Tekkit Lite SMP
    1. Choose the same resolution as the base Sphax from step 1.1 above (128x, 64x,32x, or 16x)
    2. Choose the version for Minecraft 1.4.6/7
    3. Download the file as a ZIP file
  1. Merge the Patch ZIP file with the Sphax Base ZIP file
    1. Windows
      1. Open the Base Sphax zip file you just downloaded (I recommend using WinRAR)
      2. Open the Tekkit Lite SMP patch zip file you just downloaded
      3. Select and Copy all of the contents from the Tekkit Lite SMP Patch file into the base Sphax PureBDcraft file
        1. The order is important!
        2. Use the Update and Replace option when prompted (this should be the default option on WinRAR)
      4. Close both files
        1. They will save automatically, and the original, base Sphax PureBDcraft zip file has now been modified to include the Tekkit Lite textures
      5. Rename the base Sphax PureBDcraft zip file to reflect the fact that you have patched it
        1. i.e. “Sphax PureBDcraft 128x with Tekkit Lite SMP.zip”
      6. Take the newly awesomified zip file and drop it in your texture pack folder (see below for instructions on this)
      7. Done!
    2. Mac
      1. Open the tekkitlite texturepack folder
        1. see “How to Install” (below) for instructions on how to find it,
        2. -or- navigate (manually or with shift+command+g) to ~/Library/Application Support/techniclauncher/tekkitlite/texturepacks
      2. Inside, make yourself a new folder to put all the texture files
        1. e.g. name it “Sphax PureBDcraft with Tekkit Lite SMP”
      3. Unzip/Copy the base Sphax PureBDcraft texture zip into your folder
        1. Copy all of the zip file’s contents into the new folder (e.g.  “Sphax PureBDcraft with Tekkit Lite SMP”)  you just created
      4. Unzip/Copy the Tekkit Lite SMP patch zip file into your folder
        1. Copy all of the zip file’s contents into the same new folder (e.g.  “Sphax PureBDcraft with Tekkit Lite SMP”)
        2. Don’t do a flat out “Replace” – there are some folders that have new subfolders you will need to manually copy in. Don’t worry it’s easy; there should be 2-3 folders that are impacted.
      5. Done!

Please note; as Tekkit Lite has just been released this pack is still under development (there are no 64x or 32x versions yet). We’ll keep posting the newer versions here because we use them too!

UPDATE: All the 128x, 64x, 32x and 16x versions are complete and up-to-date!

How to Install

Installation is easy; follow the steps below!

  1. Download the file (see above); make sure it stays in ZIP form – don’t let Safari or Firefox auto-unzip the zip file
  2. Open the techniclaunch folder
    1. (Mac)
      1. Open Finder
      2. hit <shift>+<command>+G; or Go -> Go to Folder…
      3. type in ~/Library/Application Support/techniclauncher and hit <enter>
    2. (Windows)
      1. Open Windows Explorer (<windows-key> + E)
      2. go to C:Usersyour_username_hereAppDataRoaming.techniclauncher
      3. You might need to show hidden folders to get there – or just type it into the file window
  3. open the tekkitlite folder,
  4. then open the texturepacks folder
  5. drop the texturepack (the ZIP file you downloaded) into the folder
  6. In Minecraft, click the Texture Packs (button) and choose the new texture pack zip file you just loaded
  7. Wait for Minecraft to get off its lazy butt and load the textures, then hit done, wait again, and you’re done!

    minecraft texturepack selection
    This is what it should look like when you choose the Sphax Tekkit Lite texturepack


Please note; we are NOT the original authors of any of this content. We have simply taken and merged the following two fruits of the labors of others, for the benefit of those who can’t or are unsure of how to merge such fruits into usefulness.


All Sphax PureBDCraft textures have been provided by Sphax : http://bdcraft.net/download-purebdcraft-texturepack-for-minecraft

AllTekkit Lite SMP textures are courtesy of Crumbl3d: http://bdcraft.net/forum/128x64x32x-tekkit-lite-smp-050-addon-pack

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  2. John Stark (@crumbl3d),

    Just to inform you that I uploaded Tekkit Lite and also now Tekkit and Tekkit Lite support 16x so you may want to edit some stuff on the website. Also if you could remake the video tutorial I would use it for the thread and if you could cover all the modpacks: Tekkit, Tekkit Lite, Technic and Voltz it would be awesome! Also you made a typing mistake: check it out if you get suck!

    • ingrimmm,

      Thanks, Crumbl3d – I will definitely put together videos for the other packs – give me a day or so to put them all together? Shoot me a message if you want me to cover anything specific or give any specific mentions, otherwise I’ll be in touch ASAP. Thanks!

  3. John Stark (@crumbl3d),

    If you can, please make a tutorial for tekkit classic too so my thread doesn’t differ from others. I’ll tell tama63 to add your video tutorials to his page. We will be making a thread on technic forums soon so I’ll use all four of your video tutorials! :)

    • ingrimmm,

      Awesome! Tekkit Classic is uploading right now – I ran out of steam last night and had to wait until this morning :P

  4. Esa Kivela,

    HI when that PureBDCraft works wih Tekkit Lite version 0.5.7? It won’t work the newest version somehow or i do something wrong…

    • ingrimmm,

      Hi! What’s the problem you’re having with it? I just installed it myself a night or two ago and it works well (a few items are blank still, but otherwise it’s good). Technically it’s for v0.5.3 but not too much changed (and nothing was added) so it should still work!

      • Esa Kivela,

        Hmmm how I explaned it…ummm

        Ok I merge those 2 files and choose in launcher that 0.5.7 version and all goes well untill I try to create new world in single player and I can’t log at all to my Tekkit Lite 0.5.7 server.

        It just freeze and jammed…

        Hay can you sen me your working texture pack and I try with it and then I try to say my Tekkit freak son (10 years old) day with it? :P

        Ty for help.

        • Esa Kivela,

          Update: I tried to make it again and merge those 2 files together and put it to the texture pack folder.

          I takes longgggggg time when I can even choose that teturepack and even more long time when its try to change that texture (black screen now and something that launcher thinking itself)

          I remove whole .tekkit launcher folder away and try to same thing agiang but same result..

          Hmmm reinstall whole Tekkitlaunher again or…? :o

  5. Esa Kivela,

    Update 2: OK I choose manually from launcher ver 0.5.3. singleplayer and selected NO for launcher update and tadaa single palying works but can’t connect to Tekkit Lite server because its newer version.

    Aha I manually select the Tekkit Lite newest version and said YES for launcher updates….again black screen and nothing happens….

    • ingrimmm,

      So, if I understand, you’re playing on two different versions of Tekkit Lite? Do you play on a multiplayer server that is a different version?

      This may be advice of no use but if you’re playing on two different versions of Tekkit Lite then you will need two seperate texturepacks (one for each version to be safe) and you will need to quit and re-select the proper version of tekkit lite each time depending on what you’re playing (SSP vs SMP).

      If you’re playing SSP on an older version because you have a world already created you can follow the guide for upgrading your “server” to Tekkit 0.5.7 here (http://themindcrafters.com/2013/01/29/upgrading-your-tekkit-lite-server-to-0-5-7/)

      The procedure will be roughly the same except you’ll be making the changes in your techniclaunchertekkitlite folder instead of a separate server folder.

      Does that help or am I not understanding the issue properly :/ ?

      • Esa Kivela,

        Greetings again and sorry for delay I have been sick a bit.

        I have installed Tekkit Lite server to my own pc wich I run at LAN and my son log in to that server with his own pc in same room and I start server + Tekkit Lite to myself in my pc.

        So there’s 2 computers: mine (server + client) and my son’s (client only).in LAN.

        And I got it working btw :) Only 32 bit version works both pcs so I tried to install 64 and 128 versions in vein :-/

        Thanks for your time and help :)

        When new version of this texture pack comes out btw?

        • ingrimmm,

          Ok good!

          The texturepack should be up-to-date as not much changed between Tekkit Lite 0.5.3 and 0.5.7 that would need re-texturing – I’ll post something on twitter whenever things are updated!

        • ingrimmm,

          Actually part of your problem might be the 64x and 128x resolutions are too high for your computer(s) to handle. I have used the 128x and 64x with no problem (128x is what I use all the time). As strange as it seems, Minecraft is horrible inefficient at quickly drawing little blocks :P 32x Might be the best your PC can handle. Check out how to install OptiFine (http://themindcrafters.com/2013/02/11/how-to-install-optifine-for-tekkit-lite/) to get better control over your graphics to possibly enable a higher res texturepack.

  6. Edward,

    How do you make it so that the text is in the Sphax form instead of the normal blocky default text? I know it is possible but I don’t know how.

  7. Edward,

    And if you know, it is the same for Voltz?

    • ingrimmm,

      You’ll need to enable the “Custom Font” option under Options -> Video Settings -> Quality -> Custom Fonts: ON to get the Sphaxified look for the fonts.

      And yup, it’s the same for Voltz!

      If you don’t see the Custom Fonts option, try installing OptiFine (tutorial here: ) to enable advanced customization and features. The OptiFine tutorial posted above works for Voltz too!

      Let us know how it goes!

      • Esa Kivela,

        Sorry for delay

        I got t worked litte better and my son is happy now.

        I got lost some underground canyon…lost of skeletons there :P

  8. Edward,

    Another question… How do you merge both of them? It won’t let me merge them together(Windows). There is no option to let me for some reason. Could you be more specific?

    • The MindCrafters,

      If you’re looking to merge the Patch zip into the Base zip simply open them both up with WinRar (free) or winzip and select all the Files in the Patch, drag and drop them into the open zip of the Base, choose “add and replace” (option) when it comes up, and viola you’re set.

      The video linked in the article shows me doing it step by step if it helps!

  9. Jason,

    I am trying to merge the Patch Zip into the Base zip and i keep getting an error from WINRAR stating that cannot rename a file to c://appromingdata……. its a bunch of words but i dont know what to do to merge them both…….

    • ingrimmm,

      Make sure the game is closed and you have downloaded both zip files (i.e. don’t let the browser open them). Sometimes the game will load and lock the zip files so it’s best to close everything down. If your browser opens then it sometimes tries to modify but doesn’t have the right permissions.

  10. Ross,

    For some reason , Windows 8 won’t let me copy the contents of the tekkit patch .zip, but it will let me copy the whole .zip file. Should I copy the whole .zip file or just the contents?
    (P.S. don’t tell me to get winrar. I’m feel the installation proccess is dubious because it tries to install in Spanish or Italian or something.)

  11. luc,

    I am on a mac, can you elaborate on “do not hit replace” because i have no idea what you mean by “you need to manually place some into subfolders”

    Thank you.

    • ingrimmm,

      By default when you drag and drop one folder into another Mac will try and replace at the highest level possible. So for example if there is a “com” folder with “foo” in it (e.g. from the BASE Sphax texturepack folder) and you’re trying to merge it with a folder also named “com” with a subfolder “bar” (e.g. from the PATCH texturepack folder) then Mac will just overwrite the “com” folder entirely and you’ll be left only with the “bar” subfolder – which is not what you want – you want it to merge “com” and keep both the “foo” and “bar” folders.

      #Folders in BASE

      #Folders in PATCH

      #What you WANT, and what Winrar (windows) would do

      #What you GET on mac if you just copy and let Mac replace files automatically
      #the foo folder is gone!

      So if you “Move” (drag and drop) the PATCH files/folders into the BASE folder, Mac will notice there are matching files and folders (like the “com” example above). When it asks what to do with these matching files/folders you need to tell it “Do not replace” (or whatever the text says when it asks). This will leave you with a bunch of folders and files left over in the PATCH folder that couldn’t be copied into the BASE. Simply look through each folder and copy everything into the corresponding folder in the now partially modified BASE side.

      To look at our example above again, after the move and after saying “don’t replace” you’ll be left with a “com” folder on both sides. You’d then have to open the “com” folder, notice the “bar” folder wasn’t copied, and manually drag and drop the “bar” folder into the (matching) “com” folder in the BASE.

      Any other FILES that you find (like the Patch.txt file) can be overwritten. For example there will likely be a “patch.txt” file in both the BASE and PATCH folders. You can allow this file to be overwritten – or just do it manually yourself later on. Files like this ARE updated versions of EXISTING files and do actually need to be overwritten. The issue really only comes with FOLDERS because Mac naturally wants to replace them at the highest level – which sucks because it won’t notice the subfolders.

      Sorry that was long-winded, but hopefully it explained the process a little better.

      COM, FOO, and BAR were example folder names – the actual names will vary.

  12. YouTube Link Broken? Look Here. - The MindCrafters,

    […] Sphax PureBDCraft for Tekkit Lite […]

  13. Templarss,


    I’ve been trying this the entire evening now and just can’t find a proper solution. I downloaded everything and followed the step by step guide.
    Now when I log in it works perfectly except a few items that aren’t textured and those are mostly the vanilla minecraft items actually. The normal minecart, diamonds, copper ores, etc… It doesn’t get textured while every new Tekkit Lite stuff does get textured with Sphax.
    Conclusion: The Vanilla MC items aren’t being textured by Sphax while the Tekkit Lite items are.
    I did understand that you can’t flatly replace files when you’re transferring the Tekkite Lite Smp into the Base Sphax PureBDcraft. Could you maybe say which folders this are? As I tried, merging, replacing and not adding. So I really don’t get it.

    Anyone knows a solution to this?? I’m playing on a mac.


    • ingrimmm,

      Hi Templars,

      Yeah, the mac route is kinda a pain right now. I’ll try and explain although I’m thinking a video might be in order.

      Basically what you want to do is copy everything over first and, when asked, choose NOT to let mac replace anything. This should copy most things over and then leave you with up to a few files and several folders that are left behind. It’s these remaining things that you need to manually copy. For FILES, just move/copy and yes overwrite when prompted. For FOLDERs you need to copy the SUB-folders, these are the kickers. When mac sees two folders with the same name it assumes you want to replace the contents of the first folder with the contents of the second folder. What you need to do manually is open BOTH folders and copy the contents of the Patch folder into the identical folder on the Base side.

      For example take a look at the “gui” folder. In the BASE version you’ll see it contains a “creative_inv” folder and a bunch of .png files. On the patch side it only contains a folder called “weaponmod”. If you just straight “replace” the folder will get overridden and will loose all the existing stuff (creative_inv and the .pngs). So you need to manually move the “weaponmod” folder over. What you’re left with is a “gui” folder that now contains a “weaponmod” and “creative_inv” folder and a ton of .pngs. You’ve manually merged the Patch stuff into the Base stuff.

      Then just do this for everything that’s left over in the Patch folder. There shouldn’t be too many to do manually.

      Let us know if that helps!

      • Templarss,

        It worked ! I thank you a lot Ingrimmm ! And yes a video might be handy for some other mac users that might have trouble and aren’t that good at following a written guide. Though your explanation helped me entirely!
        Thanks for the quick reply as well ! Gonna enjoy it now ^^

  14. KaplooeyRaRa,

    You said that the Texture pack is updated for 0.6.5, but my pack file of the new download still says 0.5.9… Help.

    • captainjack85,

      Make sure you download the base Sphax file for Minecraft 1.4.7 and the Tekkit Lite 1.3 preview.

    • ingrimmm,

      I’ve added the direct download link to the Tekkit Lite 0.6.5 texture patch (preview 1.3) to the tutorial list. Make sure to use that if you can’t find it on the main link.


  15. Virodeath,

    I just went thru the above tutorial and it doesn’t seem to be working. The textures do not change to the new 128 textures, they remain stock textures. Mods appear to be working though. Something I noticed is in the base file there is only an “assets” folder unlike on the video that shows all sorts of folders in the base file “Sphax PureBDcraft 128x MC16″. Any thoughts?

    • Virodeath,

      oddly enough also some of the textures are working like only the rock textures.

    • ingrimmm,

      Make sure you’re copying the files in correctly (Add/Update/Replace at the file level, not the folder level). What usually happens is a mod injects some new textures into an existing folder but if you replace at the folder level then all the base textures are deleted and only the patch mod textures survive so you’re left with only part of the files.


    Hi, I am having trouble with this. I am running Tekkit Lite 6.5 from the Tekkit Launcher. I have downloaded the 128 base sphax texture pack from the above link and also the 1.3 add-on from the above link. I have copied the 1.3 files into the texture pack .zip and opened Tekkit Lite, texture packs, open folder and copied the modified texture pack into the directory. Tekkit Lite reflects the Sphax graphics and I select single player and open an existing world. It takes a moment and says Minecraft has crashed and gives a long log of stuff.

    Do you see any steps that would keep me from being able to get this to work or where I may have gone wrong. I have used this texture pack with the stand alone minecraft without issue but now that I am getting into Tikkit Lite I would “REALLY” like to have them in here.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


    • ingrimmm,

      Hey, sorry for the delayed response – I would guess that you’re using a resolution that is too high (like x128) and running out of memory. Try a lower resolution (x64 or x32) and see if that helps!

  17. PLAZMA34,

    please make a video on how to do the voltz patch on mac