Sphax’s texture packs are awesome, but how can you use them with Tekkit and where can you download the file(s)? Easy! Let me walk you through getting this baby set up properly.

Looking for how to do this with Tekkit Lite? Check out our guide here.

NOTE: Sphax doesn’t allow third-party distribution of unmodified original texture files so for now you have to go through this process (below) of combining the files yourself. Ingrimmm and Cap’n Jack are working on a better solution for this!


Here is a video tutorial of how to create and install the modified texture pack.

Make sure to check below for step-by-step instructions and the necessary download links.

STEP 1: Downloading  Sphax PureBDcraft (BASE) with Tekkit Classic SMP (PATCH)

Follow the steps below to create your own fully-patched version of the Sphax PureBDcraft texture pack with crumbl3d’s Tekkit Classic SMP texture patch! The basic idea is this, you need to take the two files and merge them into one so Minecraft knows how to load everything.

  1. Download the Sphax PureBDcraft base texturepack file
    1. Choose 128x, 64x, 32x, or 16x (those are the only resolutions supported by the Tekkit Classic SMP texturepack)

      Download one of these files
      Download one of these files
    2. Choose the version for Minecraft 1.2.5 (that’s the current MC version with Tekkit Classic)
    3. Download the File as a ZIP file
    4. URL: http://bdcraft.net/download-purebdcraft-texturepack-for-minecraft
  2. Download the Patch files for Tekkit Classic SMP
    1. Choose the same resolution as the base Sphax from step 1.1 above (128x, 64x, 32x, or 16x)
    2. Choose the version for Minecraft 1.2.5
    3. Download the file as a ZIP file

STEP 1.5: Fixing what is broken

Some of the items in the main patch might be missing – send us a note and we will add a second set of patch files for you that contain the missing textures (if we can). A good example is Railcraft – it’s broken in the main pack above, so download the extra patch file below and just merge it into BASE the same way you did for the big PATCH file.


Railcraft is busted in the patch file (above), just download one of these two files and merge them into BASE just like you do for the PATCH

Note, it doesn’t matter if the Railcraft resolutions don’t match the rest of the pack you’re making – just pick one you think your computer can handle. x64 should be fine for everyone, x128 if your system is more powerful.

STEP 2: Combining Sphax PureBDcraft (BASE) with Tekkit Classic (PATCH) files

  1. Merge the Patch ZIP file with the Sphax Base ZIP file
  1. Windows
  1. Open the Base Sphax zip file you just downloaded (I recommend using WinRAR)
  2. Open the Tekkit Classic SMP patch zip file you just downloaded
  3. Select and Copy all of the contents from the Tekkit Classic SMP Patch file into the base Sphax PureBDcraft file
    1. The order is important!
    2. Use the Update and Replace option when prompted (this should be the default option on WinRAR)
  4. Close both files
    1. They will save automatically, and the original, base Sphax PureBDcraft zip file has now been modified to include the Tekkit Classic textures
  5. Rename the base Sphax PureBDcraft zip file to reflect the fact that you have patched it
    1. i.e. “Sphax PureBDcraft 128x with Tekkit Classic SMP.zip”
  6. Take the newly awesomified zip file and drop it in your texture pack folder (see below for instructions on this)
  7. Done!
  1. Mac
    1. Open the tekkit texturepack folder
      1. see “How to Install” (below) for instructions on how to find it,
      2. -or- navigate (manually or with shift+command+g) to ~/Library/Application Support/techniclauncher/tekkit/texturepacks
    2. Inside, make yourself a new folder to put all the texture files
      1. e.g. name it “Sphax PureBDcraft with Tekkit Classic SMP”
    3. Unzip/Copy the base Sphax PureBDcraft texture zip into your folder
      1. Copy all of the zip file’s contents into the new folder (e.g.  “Sphax PureBDcraft with Tekkit Classic SMP”)  you just created
    4. Unzip/Copy the Tekkit Classic SMP patch zip file into your folder
      1. Copy all of the zip file’s contents into the same new folder (e.g.  “Sphax PureBDcraft with Tekkit Classic SMP”)
      2. Don’t use the “Replace All” option when copying – it will overwrite instead of merging. You’ll have to manually copy the last 2-3 folder contents over!
    5. Done!

STEP 3: Installing your combined Sphax PureBDcraft with Tekkit Lite SMP texturepack file into Minecraft

Installation is easy; follow the steps below!

  1. Download the file (see above); make sure it stays in ZIP form – don’t let Safari or Firefox auto-unzip the zip file
  2. Open the techniclaunch folder
    1. (Mac)
      1. Open Finder
      2. hit <shift>+<command>+G; or Go -> Go to Folder…
      3. type in ~/Library/Application Support/techniclauncher and hit <enter>
    2. (Windows)
      1. Open Windows Explorer (<windows-key> + E)
      2. go to C:Usersyour_username_hereAppDataRoaming.techniclauncher
      3. You might need to show hidden folders to get there – or just type it into the file window
  3. open the tekkit folder,
  4. then open the texturepacks folder
  5. drop the texturepack (the ZIP file you downloaded) into the folder
  6. In Minecraft, click the Texture Packs (button) and choose the new texture pack zip file you just loaded
  7. Wait for Minecraft to get off its lazy butt and load the textures, then hit done, wait again, and you’re done!
Tekkit texturepack selection
Selecting the Sphax PureBDcraft plus Tekkit Classic SMP texturepack


Please note; we are NOT the original authors of any of this content. We have simply taken and merged the following two fruits of the labors of others, for the benefit of those who can’t or are unsure of how to merge such fruits into usefulness.


All Sphax PureBDCraft textures have been provided by Sphax : http://bdcraft.net/download-purebdcraft-texturepack-for-minecraft

All Tekkit Classic SMP textures have been provided by their various authors, are being compiled by the community, and hosted by someone who is really cool: http://bdcraft.net/forum/128x64x32x-tekkit-smp-312-addon-pack

21 Responses to “Sphax PureBDCraft for Tekkit Classic”

  1. John Stark (@crumbl3d),

    Guy’s you can use the v1.6 for Tekkit 3.1.2 just read the ReadME in the zip. I am the creator of this patch and just want to let you know. v1.4 is outdated and doesn’t have everything textured! :)

  2. Sphax PureBDCraft for Tekkit Lite « The MindCrafters,

    […] Looking to do this in Tekkit Classic? Check out our tutorial here. […]

  3. chillztiaTia,

    its MINEcraft not MINDcraft

  4. leafyblast,

    Can you make an installer for this

  5. Bambi R.,

    I’ve been trying all day….It doesn’t seem to work! I’ve made sure that I’ve had the right versions for everything. When I go to options in minecraft, then texture packs, the only thing that shows up is the default pack! Please help!

    • ingrimmm,

      We’ll get you going!

      What type of computer are you using? Mac, PC, or Linux?

      Also, make sure you’re putting the files in the right folder – if you hit the “texturepack folder” button in the pack selection menu it will take you to the correct one.
      The newest technic launcher changed things up a bit by creating new folders (e.g. technic instead of techniclauncher)

  6. Shadow,

    Just wondering, my tekkit says 1.2.5, and you say to use 1.6 for Tekkit 3.1.2, am I missing an update or two, or are you an a different page than I am?

    • ingrimmm,

      Actually the v1.6 in his comment refers to the current (at that time) texturepack patch version!

      So you want to download the Sphax PureBDCraft (base) file for Minecraft 1.2.5 and then the Tekkit Classic SMP Patch v1.6 (or whatever the latest version is).

      Sorry for the confusion!

  7. Warlockwolfe,

    For Some Reason All Vanilla Items When They Are In My Inventory Are All Normal Fix?

  8. Warlockwolfe,

    Also Alot Of Things Need A Fix Like The Side Of Sand

  9. Warlockwolfe,

    Nvm My Other Comments I Installed It Wrong xD

  10. Lazurecks,

    I am having trouble with railcraft. every time I install Sphax (I’ve done it like 10 times now) the rails are always invisible and the coke oven spots are not directly on it… I know I’m doing it right because I watched your tutorial.

    • ingrimmm,

      I updated the post for you – pick either of the two Railcraft patch files (doesn’t really matter which resolution, they both work) and just patch them into the BASE files like you did for the other PATCH files (e.g. drag and drop in Winrar, or manually copy/paste)

      I’m not sure why Railcraft is busted in the main Tekkit Classic patch but I noticed it too when I made the How To Install Sphax on Mac yesterday :P Two birds, one stone!

  11. Brendaslenda,

    Mine doesn’t change certain things such as smooth stone and the items when in my inventory look normal (Default textures)

  12. NovaGamer_,

    This isn’t working for me I do everything it says yet when I open tekkit classic there is no option to select the pack even though the folder with my sphax textures for 1.2.5 and my tekkit classic add-ons in one folder is in the texture pack folder it still does not give me the option to select sphax for a texture pack to use in game and I can’t put up with the crappy normal texture pack. please help

  13. Soulhunters1,

    When i downloaded everything and i thought i was done but whn i loaded my world and looked at the dirt there was tiny portals and tiny fires on the dirt

  14. Atticusb8,

    Hey there just trying to download the 64x version of the patch on the add on page and when you select it you’re directed to an error page that says.
    ‘Github page not found’ is there something wrong with the link to the file?
    I wasn’t sure whether this was the right place to post this but hopefully someone will be able to fix it :)

    • ingrimmm,

      Download links should be back up and running!

      Tama63 (the original host of the files) gave me permission to re-host!