The latest TMC Tekkit Lite tutorial is out and this one is all about Buildcraft pipes. At a little over 50 minutes long, this huge tutorial covers all of the Buildcraft pipes that are included in the Tekkit Lite modpack; and if you’re looking for one pipe in particular you can skip right to it using the guide in the description.

Here’s a list of all the pipes that are covered in the video:

Part 1: Basic Transportation

Cobblestone Transport Pipe
Stone Transport Pipe
Wooden Transport Pipe
Sandstone Transport Pipe
Gold Transport Pipe

Part 2: Advanced Transportation

Iron Transport Pipe
Diamond Transport Pipe
Distribution Pipe
Advanced Wooden Transport Pipe
Emerald Transport Pipe
Redstone Transport Pipe
Insertion Transport Pipe
Obsidian Transport Pipe
Void Transport Pipe
Switch Transport Pipe
Closed Transport Pipe
Phased Transport Pipe
Pipe Network Demonstration

Part 3: Waterproof Pipe

Wooden Waterproof Pipe
Cobblestone Waterproof Pipe
Stone Waterproof Pipe
Switch Waterproof Pipe
Emerald Waterproof Pipe
Gold Waterproof Pipe
Sandstone Waterproof Pipe
Redstone Waterproof Pipe
Iron Waterproof Pipe
Void Waterproof Pipe
Phased Waterproof Pipe

Part 4: Conductive Pipes

Wooden Conductive Pipe
Stone Conductive Pipe
Gold Conductive Pipe
Switch Conductive Pipe
Phased Conductive Pipe

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  1. Dustin, Reply

    Amazing! Great tutorial. Thanks a lot.

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