Welcome to the Smeltery Tutorial! Today we’re going to take a look at the Smeltery added by Tinkers Construct; everything from Grout, to Casting, to Alloys, and even some basic Automation.

For a look at what else is added by Tinkers Construct, check out our mod spotlight.

As always, thanks for watching, and STAY POISED.

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[About this Mod Spotlight]
Mod Name: Tinkers Construct
Mod Version: TConstruct_1.5.2_1.4.3.final
Mod Stuff: http://themindcrafters.com/minecraft-mods/tinkers-constructs/
Film date: 2013.12.07
Modpack: FTB Unleashed (*customized)
Texturepack: Default

[About TMC]
website – http://themindcrafters.com
Live server map – http://themindcrafters.com/map
24/7 web chat (IRC) – http://themindcrafters.com/irc
live stream – http://themindcrafters.com/live-stream
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