Archimedes’ Ships

(by BalkondeurAlpha)

What is it?

Archimedes’ Ships is an awesome mod for Minecraft that lets you build ships (up to 3,500 blocks large) and then drive OR FLY them around! That’s right, FLYING SHIPS, PEOPLE. Adding only 5 blocks to the game, this mod simply packs a massive wallop with some seriously low-tech blocks. Almost too low-tech – not that we’re complaining, these things are awesome.

Now you know you can make flying ships using RedPower2 or Redstone In Motion, but you simply CAN’T beat this for simplicity. Just slap a Ship Marker down and you are sailing the high seas; add some Balloons and take to the skies!

This really is a fun, and configurable mod. Make sure to check it out!

Where can I get it?

How do I…?

This mod is really, truly, perhaps the most simple mod you’re gonna run accross. Is that proper english? It seems weird. Anyways, with literally FIVE blocks (4 of which are OPTIONAL) Archimedes’ Ships is dead simple. Still, you’re gonna wanna take a look at some of the options, and for sure are gonna wanna watch the mod spotlight!

Archimedes Ships Keys

The following table is a list of keys and what they do while flying or sailing a ship.
W, A, S, DForward, Left, Backward, Right (respectively)
CBrake (quickly slows the ship down)
ZLowers an Airship
XRaises an Airship