What is it?

Tinkers Constructs is an awesome minecraft mod that basically overhauls the entire tool and weapons systems of Minecraft. It adds customizable, modifiable, re-buildable tools, weapons and sumdat fancystuff to make being a tool really cool. Along the way it also adds a whole slew of new blocks (multi-block structures, too!) like a Smeltery that pours molten metals into casts… Seriously do we need to say more? You put blocks of Ore in, melt that junk down (visibly), and then make it pour molten metals out the sides into item/block casts (did we mention visibly? as in, you can see it pour?). That’s for real. That’s what sold me on this mod.

Where can I get it?

The mod is available for download over on the official authors page which has been linked here for the Google or Time-management impaired. All I meant to do this morning was upload a featured image to a post and I ended up writing this whole thing – I feel your pain.


Download Tinkers Constructs


How do I … ?

Well I suppose this is where we come in. Doing stuff with the mod might be extremely confusing. We’ve put together some stuff you miiiight find useful.



Tutorial - Smelteries, Alloys, Casting, and basic Automation

Take a look at how to set up a Smeltery, how to cast tool parts, how to mix special Alloys and even how to do some basic Automation – including the ability to store molten metals for later.


Tutorial - Casting, Crafting, and Customizing your Tools

Take a look at how to build completely customized tools – starting with some basics to quickly get us to Iron and then (quickly) to Steel (yes, there’s a really fast way to do this!), we’ll teach you how to customize your tools like a boss.

Also included is a breakdown of almost 20 different modifiers that can be added onto your tools to pimp them like it’s going out of style; which depending on how ugly your tools are, they MIGHT be :P


Mod Spotlight

Check out the wide variety of crazy stuff this mod adds.




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