Sphax PureBDCraft for FTB Ultimate

Sphax PureBDCraft is the number one used HD texturepack for minecraft. I saw that in a study one time that Sphax84 re-posted. I swear it was legit. Or at least a clever fake. Anyways, Sphax is a beautiful texturepack that has a unique comicy style (apparent BD is a french thing for comics).

This guide will show you how to install the texturepack and get sphaxified 0.O


Thanks to the dedication and awesomeness of Phishphan420 we now have a complete texturepack for Sphax PureBDCraft for FTB Ultimate. None of the art work was done by us, but Phish (with others yelling at him) took the time to compile all the textures for all the mods in FTB Ultimate into one pack. Thanks, Phish.

Creating a Sphax PureBDcraft for FTB Ultimate texturepack

Due to the way this stuff is licensed, you have to do the actual combining on your own. Don’t worry we will try and make it easy. Basically you have to do combine two files (that’s it) and you’ll get a texturepack you can use.

There are TWO files we need; the BASE and the PATCH. The BASE file was created by Sphax84, and needs to be downloaded from his site. The PATCH was compiled by PhishPhan420 and can be downloaded below.

All we need to do is merge in the PATCH file into the BASE file and that’s it.


Step 1: Download the BASE File

To start, click one of the buttons below to download the BASE file. This BASE file will contain all the textures for vanilla minecraft blocks; we’ll get the FTB Ultimate blocks textured in a second.

Make sure to pick a resolution your computer can handle. You’re also gonna watch to make the resolution later with the PATCH file that you download, so choose carefully. You can mix and match BASE and PATCH file resolutions if you need to (e.g. if one of the two doesn’t exist in the resolution you want).

These are Sphax’s official adf.ly links for the 1.4.7 version of his texturepack.

Step 2: Download the PATCH file

This PATCH file contains all the extra textures for non-vanilla stuff, specifically, for all the mods in the Feed the Beast Ultimate modpack. Try and match the resolution of the BASE file you downloaded above.

Step 3: Combine the BASE and PATCH files

This is the trickier of the steps. If you have a program like WinRar then this will be easy. As mentioned before, we are going to put all of the PATCH files into the BASE files/folders so that the PATCH replaces some of the BASE files and adds the rest.


  1. Open the BASE Sphax zip file you just downloaded (I recommend using WinRAR)
  2. Open the PATCH zip file you just downloaded
  3. Select and Drag/Drop all of the contents from the PATCH file into the BASE file
    1. The order is important!
    2. Use the Update and Replace option when prompted (this should be the default option on WinRAR)
  4. Close both files
    1. They will save automatically, and the original, BASE Sphax PureBDcraft zip file has now been modified to include the FTB Ultimate textures
  5. Rename the base Sphax PureBDcraft zip file to reflect the fact that you have patched it
    1. i.e. “Sphax PureBDcraft for FTB Ultimate 64x.zip”
  6. Take the newly awesomified zip file and drop it in your texture pack folder (see below for instructions on this)
  7. Done!


  1. Open the Feed the Beast Ultimate texturepack folder
    1. see “How to Install” (below) for instructions on how to find it,
    2. -or- navigate (manually or with shift+command+g) to ~/Library/Application Support/Feed the Beast/Ultimate/minecraft/texturepacks
  2. Inside, make yourself a new folder to put all the texture files
    1. e.g. name it “Sphax PureBDcraft for FTB Ultimate 64x”
  3. Unzip/Copy the BASE Sphax PureBDcraft texture zip into your folder
    1. Copy all of the zip file’s contents into the new folder (e.g.  “Sphax PureBDcraft for FTB Ultimate 64x”)  you just created
  4. Unzip/Copy the PATCH file/folders into your folder
    1. Copy all of the zip file’s contents into the same new folder (e.g.  “Sphax PureBDcraft for FTB Ultimate 64x”)
    2. Don’t do a flat out “Replace” – there are some folders that have new subfolders you will need to manually copy in. Don’t worry it’s easy; there should be 2-3 folders that are impacted.
  5. Done!

Step 4: Installing the Texturepack

You’re almost done, and this last part is easy.

There are two options, navigate to the texturepack folder manually (we’ll show you how in a second) or when playing Minecraft, hit the “Texturepacks” button and have it open the folder for you.

Either way, once you’ve found the texturepack folder just drop in the file you created in step 3, select it from the list of texturepacks in Minecraft, wait for it to load (and wait again when you click OK), are you’re good to go!

If you want to manually go to the texturepack folder then open the FTB Launcher and choose Options (tab). On the Options tab look for the “Install at…” directory. Copy/Paste and navigate to that folder then open the

..\path\to\the\FTBLauncher\install\directory\FTB Ultimate\minecraft\texturepacks\ (put that zip file here)

Here’s what the directory looks like on my PC.

and this is what it should look like in your FTB Ultimate Minecraft window

Step 5: Done!

You should be all set. Check the image above to make sure the texture pack is loaded. You have been Sphaxified.


Minecraft crashes (with out of memory error)

Your texturepack resolution is too high. Try downloading a lower resolution. 64x is most common.

All the Vanilla blocks are vanilla textured

You probably derped something up; like putting the BASE files into the PATCH instead of the other way around. Remember, you’re taking the BASE files and then changing and adding to them. Make sure to go PATCH into BASE and add/replace.

Block XYZ isn't textured

Either you derped something up, or the texture file is actually not in the pack. Let us know when this happens so we can make sure all the mods are skinned.